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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not Latin or Hispanic but I want to support the Hispanic and Latin community, Can I join or donate?

Of course, you can. While we are a Hispanic serving organization, we welcome all supporters. We have different levels of support and ways to support the community we welcome you. Our goal is also to bridge and lower cultural barriers and solve problems. 

Why are your fees so low?

We didn't want any entry barriers to joining and we recognized how hard the industry has been hit over the past few years. We are here to support. You can see our pricing on our membership page. 

There are many different parts to your organization. Why so many?

We recognize the need to support different parts of the Food and Beverage Industry and developed different parts of our organization. Each part supports the overall mission and vision of the HRA. Our organization is built with each component having a set or group of great team members with a high-level skill set that is able to operate independently and in parallel with other parts of our organization or networks while always striving to accomplish our overriding mission and vision. 

Can I become a sponsor?

We welcome the opportunity to work together and allow different organizations to help defray our costs and recognize their contributions. However, we must ensure their vision and mission aligns with ours not only in word but in deeds. We do have different components and events that companies, or organizations can sponsor.

Why do you emphasize education so much?

Our vision states that we want to "Educate and Elevate the Hispanic Community across a Multi-Generational Spectrum". We clearly recognize the importance of education at different levels being a universal tool to succeeding in life.  Through educating yourself along the culinary and hospitality leadership college path, through the trades or through a well-defined self-improvement path we recognize the need for all of us to always be learning and getting better. It is a multi-dimensional approach that recognizes one path for all doesn't work. We want to give you a framework and architecture to give all a better chance to succeed. It is also why we value our education partners of Community College of Denver and Metropolitan State University-Denver so much.

What is the HRA Leadership and Education Forum

It is one of the pillars of our organization that will hold a once a quarter Leadership and Education that will bring in leaders in the community as well as subject matter experts in the leadership, hospitality and restaurant communities. We will host speakers that not only have great knowledge of the industry but have a proven track record.  Our goal is to be a World Class Leadership and education Program that inspires others and gives a defined framework, architecture and personal roadmap to achieve a level of excellence in you professional and personal life. Great Leadership and Education can go far in solving many problems faced by the F&B Industry and Hispanic Community.

What is the Food and Beverage Language Institiute

These are components of the HRA that fold into our vision of Education and Elevation. We recognize one of the barriers to advancement and promotion is the language barrier.  So, we set out to solve it by partnering with the Community College of Denver ESL program and a technology company.

Experts in their respective fields combined with our ability to reach the Hispanic community we thought it would be a great hybrid tool to lower that barrier. It gives a defined path and hope to those wishing for a better life by removing that that barrier. 

Tell me about the HRA Media Team

The HRA Media team is our team that has the technology and expertise to tell our story. Without the ability to record, tell and disseminate our story it would be a difficult to be effective on the scale we aspire to. We are in the food and beverage business, networking business, storytelling business as well as the technology business. We use the mantra of People, Purpose, Passion, Planning and Technology. This encapsulates the different aspects of how we look at accomplishing our mission and vision. Each one of these is a force multiplier and we use this outlook to help you as well as our organization. Our team is available for hire and can do almost every aspect of videography, photography and social media. Us the contact form to let us know your needs. 

What is the Restaurant Vendors and Suppliers Network?

This is a network of trusted restaurant suppliers and vendors that we recommend to our clients.  They have proven that they are willing to offer superior customer service or discounted pricing as being part of our network. We all work together to help each other succeed in our chosen sales profession and want to make the restaurant decision maker or owners life easier. See our site at to learn more and possibly join.

What is the Latin Supper Club?

The Latin Supper Clun is a brand name and mechanism to highlight the talent, skill, creativity and craftmanship of the Hispanic/Latin Chef and the fine foods side of Latin cuisine. Each Chef is selected by the Leadership of the Hispanic Restaurant Association and Hispanic Chefs Association.  It is designed to be a 5-7 course meal and culinary experience that leaves a lasting memory of food, friends and great conversation.  We are currently offering it in Denver, but will expand across the USA as we grow.  Contact us to learn more and when/where the next one will be held. 

El Camino al la Cumbre - Spanish for " Road to the Summit"  

This saying you will see more and more as we use it as a metaphor and to paint of picture of what we are trying to achieve at all levels of the HRA and its various components.  We are all trying to climb this mountain we call life and reach our own personal or professional summit.  Like actual mountain ranges there are many different summits, peaks, valleys, paths, conditions and seasons we must pass through to get to the summit. Some peaks are higher and harder to get to and require different paths or journeys. Some will achieve higher elevations in life through different circumstances, teams, friends and families. Much like life, we will all have different experiences and outcomes depending on many factors.  Such as the season, the level and training and education, as well as the people or teams with which we surround ourselves.  Each road or path and experience to the summit is as unique as each individual but has an overall common theme.

It's difficult, often times lonely. but is better travelled with a great team and training.   

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